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Owner and wine grower Rex Reid opened Reid's Livery Winery in the Spring of 2009, with a vision of creating Alvaton's finest small farm winery. Self trained on the farm,  he creates  berry & grape wines with an extensive passion for perfection.     

He knew that in order to achieve his long standing dream of enjoying life on his own small farm; he would have to establish his own wine bar.

Rex opened the doors of Reid's Livery Winery in the Spring of 2009. Before opening the doors, he spent the previous three years producing the  finest home grown wines

Unique Wines from Kentucky.  Rex Reid is a wine grower. This means our wines are completely made on the farm.  Our estate wines are grown, picked and made into wine right here on the farm.  2010Sep04 reids livery_0592

All of our wines, with a few exceptions, are harvested localy in Kentucky.  We have imported juice from New York for our award winning wines: Silver Streak, Cranberry Pleasure, and Blue Moon of Kentucky.
Critics and patrons agree.  Reid's Livery Winery is best wine bar in Alvaton.

We invite you to come and experience the taste of Alvaton.

"Call or email" for an exciting visit and wine tasting by appointmentWink.

Open Morning until Dark Thirty Call for Your Best Visit Time

270 843 6330    or    270 792 7451

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